Events & Groups

The events and groups department directed by Javier Castán is the direct door to different spaces and incredible shows, so that your event is unique and unrepeatable.

With years of experience in the entertainment and events industry, we have perfected the art of combining the extraordinary with the exceptional. From groups and events at LETSGO we put at your disposal spaces with personality and top-of-the-line shows, which only we can offer.

What do we do

At LETSGO we fuse the excitement of musical shows with the good work of corporate or social events.
Why choose between a memorable event and an exciting show when you can have both?

What do we offer?

Shows & Musicals

Additional Services

Comprehensive planning and coordination

Three venues

Personalized planning and coordination

EID Precinct

How we do it

Our Groups & Events Department is designed to offer you everything you need to make your event or group a resounding success. From the moment you contact us, we assign you the right person to materialize your vision. We will work with you on every detail, depending on the service you are looking for, we will advise you, accompany you, create or coordinate to make the event a success.

Don’t settle for the ordinary. Elevate your events to new heights with the magic that only LETSGO can give you.

Let your dreams come to life on the event stage!

Contact us to start planning your event.

Important Events


Welcome to the world of LETSGO, your ideal B2B partner to take your business to the next level!

Why collaborate with LETSGO? The advantages are clear:

Loyalty Clubs

Employee Program

Sales Channel Attachment

Private galas for companies

Venues for events

End-to-end event management

Group Discount


Do you want to enrich your club’s cultural offer? With LETSGO, you can add exciting shows, captivating musicals and fascinating exhibitions. It’s the perfect way to attract and retain your customers, offering them unique and memorable experiences.
The creative designer is the artist behind innovative ideas. He is in charge of developing creative and original concepts that surprise and captivate the public. With an open mind to experimentation and the exploration of new trends, he brings freshness and dynamism to each project. His work involves the conceptualization and development of advertising campaigns, graphic pieces, promotional videos and more, always looking to break schemes and leave a lasting impression.
Looking for new revenue streams? Become our affiliate partner and earn a base commission for every sale made through your links. Open the doors to a steady stream of revenue while promoting our exciting propositions!
Celebrate your company’s success in an extraordinary way with our private galas. From intimate events to grand celebrations, we offer personalized experiences with our venues and shows that will leave a lasting impression on your customers and employees.
Need the perfect venue for your next event? With our extensive network of world-class venues, we guarantee the ideal setting for any occasion. From elegant spaces to charming venues, make your event unforgettable with LETSGO!
Leave everything in our hands and enjoy a comprehensive event management service. From planning to execution, our events department takes care of every detail to ensure the success of your event, with no worries for you!
Planning a group outing? Take advantage of our special discounts for groups and provide your customers and employees with a unique experience at an exceptional price. Make every event even more special with LETSGO!

Become our strategic partner and take advantage of sponsorship opportunities to increase your brand’s visibility. From exposure at our events to promotion on our digital platforms, boost your brand with LETSGO!

At LETSGO, we are committed to providing you with innovative solutions and unforgettable experiences that drive the success of your business.
Join us and discover a world of endless possibilities in the B2B market!