Jaleos Jondos is a journey that immerses us in the essence and avant-garde of flamenco. Directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, renowned for his work on Cirque du Soleil shows, and with the musical collaboration of award-winning Javier Limón, this contemporary show redefines the boundaries of the genre. José Maldonado’s choreography and Felype de Lima’s set and costume design add layers of visual and emotional depth to the experience.

From the origins of the gypsy diaspora to the electrified sounds of modern flamenco, Jaleos Jondos is a journey that respects the tradition of the 12 flamenco styles. Divided into the four seasons, each phase of the show takes us from the winter melancholy of soleares and siguiriyas to the luminous spring of fandangos and sevillanas.

Led by the incomparable Carmela Greco, accompanied by outstanding artists such as Saul Quirós and Antonio Sánchez, “Jaleos Jondos” transcends mere presentation to become a transformative cultural experience that will leave its mark on the city of Madrid and on all those who have the privilege of witnessing it.

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