Based on the iconic 1987 film, Dirty Dancing, starring young Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, an adaptation arrives on stage that will make you get up from your chair and not stop dancing. To the rhythm of the most famous songs from the film, such as “Do you love me?” or the mythical “(I’ve had) The time of my life”, with live music and a masterful staging.

During the summer vacation of 1963 at the Catskill Mountains Hotel, Frances Houseman, known as Baby, will have a life-changing experience. One night, after unexpectedly finding herself at a party filled with wild dancing and sensual movements, Baby is captivated by this world. As fate would have it, Johnny Castle, one of the dancers at the holiday resort where the Houseman family is located, is left without a dance partner. That’s when Baby offers to be his partner. Thus begins an exciting story full of music, dance and romance.