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LETSGO is a show promoter and producer based in Madrid and with a strong international projection.

As a producer, LETSGO has a broad experience both creating and distributing, in conventional theatre networks and also under the big top format, successful shows related to modern circus (Storm, Eoloh!), as well as cutting-edge shows (such as THE HOLE saga), combining burlesque, comedy, live music, the best circus routines and plenty of humour. Its creations have crossed borders and visited cities with such an international weight as Paris, Milano, Buenos Aires, Koln or Ciudad de México.

As a promoter, LETSGO searches the whole World for shows and gets to have a portfolio with the most original and attractive shows on display , becoming a national benchmark for international touring companies in Spain: Slava’s Snowshow, Pilobolus, Soap, Mayumana, Swan Lake On Ice, Fuerza Bruta…

Music-wise, LETSGO has taken to Spain in concert internationally renowned artists such as Muse, Marilyn Manson, Björk or Franz Ferdinand.

On the field exhibitions distribution and management, has achieved records of visitors with titles like Terracotta Army- Xi’an Warriors, Dinosaurs Live! or CSI: The Experience..

As a complement to its versatility, LETSGO has also produced multimedia shows such as the pyro-musical that celebrated the X anniversary of Guggenheim Bilbao, of the musical video-mapping for the centenary of Valladolid City Hall (Spain).

LETSGO currently manages and schedules the programme of Teatro Molière in Ciudad de México, where Dirty Dancing is being played with such a big success as the one gained in all the countries it’s previously been to: Italy, France, the UK, Australia…

LETSGO produces the musical in Madrid hand in hand with the producers of the musical in the UK: Karl Sydow, Paul Elliot Ltd and Joye Entertainment , in association with Lionsgate and Magic Hour Productions. The Theatre hosting the show, Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, is one of the most charismatic venues in the city. LETSGO has already booked a tour all over Spain.



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Touring all over Spain we have visited more than 60 cities all over our country, islands included. This fact has allowed us to generate a wide network with customers and suppliers we’re delighted to work with. City councils, public and private venues, companies that help us providing us their services, collaborators and sponsors make up a supporting fabric necessary for our daily job.


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Our Team

Iñaki Fernández


Gorka Fernández

Director Financiero

Itxaso Barrios

Coord. General / Marketing

Inma Casamayor

Coordinadora de Producción

Ernest Coll

Coordinador Artístico

Carlos Alexandre


Luis Hoyos

Booking Internacional

Jorge López

Director Comercial

Ricardo López

Project Manager

Mónica Huerta

Project Manager

May Collado

Project Manager

Elena Asensi


Alicia Moreno


Eugenia Cruces


Ángel Viejo

Diseño gráfico

Almudena Bretón

Diseño gráfico

Jorge Sánchez


Pedro Arnal

Content Manager

Nuria Ortega

Adjunta de Producción

Nuria Chinchilla


Cristina de Póo

Patrocinio y Relaciones Externas

Isabel Sánchez-Gil

Patrocinio y Acciones Especiales

David Morales

Responsable de Eventos

Maria Pascasio

Responsable de Ticketing

Ángela Gudino

Ticketing y Relación con el Espectador

Juan González

Ticketing y Relación con el Espectador

Susana Durán

Responsable de Administración

Jimena Revenga

Departamento Financiero

Margarita Camarena

Controller financiero

María Bueno

Asistente de dirección

Susana Montero


Silvia Arcones

Técnico RRHH

Virginia Palomino

Auxiliar de Administración

Rocío Carrera

Auxiliar de Administración

Paula Lozano

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