Our Art & Creativity team, led by Ana María Voicu, is distinguished by its ability to turn ideas into reality.

Here, as visionaries from various disciplines, we come together to bring to life the essence and image of countless products of the show. Each project becomes a blank canvas on which we paint visual stories that thrill and dazzle the audience.

In this environment full of creative energy, our ideas take shape, transforming each project into a unique experience, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

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In our dynamic team, a variety of talents come together, each bringing their unique vision to the creation of innovative and captivating products. The diversity of talents is our greatest strength, allowing us to create works that inspire, excite and last in the memory of the public.

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The creative director is the soul and leader of the department. He is in charge of shaping the vision of creative projects. With an innovative mind and a unique ability to see potential in ideas, he guides the team to creative excellence. It defines the aesthetic and narrative direction of each project, ensuring that it stays true to the brand’s identity and values. In addition, he collaborates closely with other team members to ensure that every aspect of the project is aligned with the overall vision.

He is responsible for the correct development of the department, promoting projects and tasks effectively. He is in charge of planning, coordinating and supervising all stages of the creative process. Their focus is to ensure that every project runs smoothly. He works closely with the Creative Director to translate the vision into concrete actions and tangible results.
The creative designer is the artist behind innovative ideas. He is in charge of developing creative and original concepts that surprise and captivate the public. With an open mind to experimentation and the exploration of new trends, he brings freshness and dynamism to each project. His work involves the conceptualization and development of advertising campaigns, graphic pieces, promotional videos and more, always looking to break schemes and leave a lasting impression.
Graphic and digital designers are the visual artists on the team. They are adept at creating visuals that communicate ideas, emotions, and messages. Using creative tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and other design programs, they bring concepts to life through impactful images, graphics, and visual compositions. Their work ranges from the creation of logos and branding to the design of printed and digital materials, ensuring a coherent and attractive visual identity for each project.
The editorial designer is in charge of structuring and presenting the content of the projects to give visual form to the different dossiers and creative presentations.
The illustrators are the visual storytellers of the team, experts at creating images that tell stories on their own. Its function is to bring characters, settings and concepts to life through drawings and paintings. They work closely with the creative team to develop illustrations that complement and enrich each project. Their ability to convey emotions and create unique visual worlds is essential to the creation of immersive and memorable experiences.
Multimedia designers are experts in motion graphics and are the wizards of movement and interactivity. Using specialized software and create animations and visual effects that add life and dynamism to projects. From simple transitions to complex animated sequences, their work is critical to making an impact and keeping audiences engaged. They work closely with the creative team to integrate their creations into projects seamlessly and effectively.
The film maker is the expert in visual narrative, in charge of bringing ideas to life through film and videography. Its role is to capture the essence and emotion of each project, creating captivating and immersive visual stories. From cinematography to editing and post-production, his ability to tell stories through moving images is essential to conveying the desired message and atmosphere.

Awards & Recognition

Throughout our career, LETSGO’s quality and ingenuity have been recognized with multiple awards:


Best advertising campaign – Medias Puri


Makeover of the Most Successful Musical in History
The Phantom of the Opera in: Italy, Spain, Monaco. Coming soon to: USA and Latin America.


Graphic and audiovisual creation by Tim Burton ́s Labyrinth in:
Spain, France, Belgium. Coming soon to: Germany, Italy, New York and Los Angeles.

Our works

Tim Burton – The Labyrinth

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The Phantom of the Opera

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GHOST The Musical

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